Finaacle: Build Second Source of Income

Hi, My name is Vikas Agarwal. I particularly pen down about investments, financial planning, money saving tips and building passive and other source of income on Finaacle. I started my career in May 2012 with just Rs., 21,000 with one advertisement and marketing company as a sales and marketing guy. In the initial days of my professional career I focused on learning various skills and my learning took me to a level where I have 4 sources of income in the current time. I always believe not to be dependent only on one source of income and my focus on developing other sources of income helped me in having below five source of income:

  1. Job
  2. Finaacle blog
  3. Long term Investment in Equities/Businesses
  4. A Franchisee business owner of India's Top pre-school chain
  5. Youtube Channel

In my view your sources of income should be such that they should be able to add certain amount to your monthly basket of income. Practicing this view, I have been able to earn an amount adding up from each of my sources of income that is more than seven times of my first salary.

My goal is to help at least 500 people before end of year 2018 in building their second source of income.

If you wish to have second source of income please subscribe to my blog.

I am not rich yet, but I always feel like a wealthy person as I am not dependent on one source of income.

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