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Mi Lifestyle Marketing Company Achievements

You may think that buying lifestyle products is extremely simple, as you just need to go to a store, select the right products, make the payment, and take all the items with you. But are you aware of the entire cycle behind these products that add up to their costs? The procedure includes a lot of intermediaries who cut their commission on each item, and it ultimately raises the prices for you. This is where direct marketing or selling companies come into the role. One of the biggest names in the direct selling industry is Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited. The firm got established in the year 2013, and it promises you for the following services:

  • Quality products
  • Career opportunities
  • Financial freedom
  • Enhanced lifestyle
  • Flexible purchasing and selling models

The rise in the direct selling business of the country has favoured Mi Lifestyle Global Private Limited, and it has become a big name. Along with this, the company also provides an opportunity to generate additional income and career options.

To know a bit more about Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited, here are some of their achievements. With the help of these awards and certificates, you will be able to see how trustworthy the company is, and you can work with them without any hassle.

Best Health Care Brand

When it comes to direct selling companies, its brands are the first thing you notice. If those brands have some higher recognition, the company rises itself. This is where Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited excels, as it recently won two recognitions for its brand “Elements Wellness.”

  • The brand, Elements Wellness, itself got the “Best Health Care Brand 2019” award from The Economic Times, which is a part of The Times of India Group.
  • All the health products under this brand are certified as premium by the Ministry of Ayush. So they are incredibly reliable and beneficial.

Another interesting factor here is that Mi Lifestyle is the only direct selling company that has been certified by the Ministry of Ayush.

Other Certifications

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited has all the necessary certifications required for the direct selling market. Another great thing about the company is that it takes care of all the critical rules and regulations to ensure the smooth processing and benefit of its distributors.

One such example is when the company took action on the stoppage of online retailers directly selling products. The organization also warned the distributors that appropriate measures would be taken if they were found doing any such thing.


This was all about Mi Lifestyle Global Private Limited’s achievements and success. For any other details on their products, services, and financial reports, you can visit Tofler’s website. They are a business research website that provides you with accurate data curated from numerous sources in public domains. You can find various details right from any company’s financial history to their current directors, you will find upto date data of over a million companies in just a click.

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