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Aadhaar could become the only Card Identity in future

Making the Aadhaar card as we all know has been implemented at such a massive scale for each and every individual of the country. No one knew it would become such an important identity to have for everybody across the nation. Our finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has made it explicitly clear in the Lok Sabha that there is a bill upcoming to make Aadhaar Card mandatory for each taxpayer of the country to link their unique 12-digit code on the card.

The stress has been put upon a fact that the move shall definitely help government in narrowing down the number of citizens who do not pay taxes. It has also been made very evident that in future it could be a scene, wherein Aadhaar card would replace the other existing voter ID card, PAN card and among others as well. Many people in our country have multiple PAN cards and that is why the government felt the need to introduce this one biometric information system to track the I-T Returns of an individual.

number would work as an indication of their application for the card.

Earlier Aadhaar was voluntary:

What made Aadhaar to be mandatory is a big question in front of the civils of the country. In September, 2016 it was stated by the Supreme Court itself that making an Aadhaar card is a voluntary activity. Since the government is planning to make a mandate for Aadhaar card, it goes a bit against the Supreme Court’s verdict. But the Finance Minister has very well clarified the situation in the parliament as to why there is a necessity to make Aadhaar mandatory in order to curb the tax-evasion.

Taxes are expected to be improved after the Goods & Service Taxes (the GST) are rolled out successfully, and for a fair collection of the same the government is going this extra mile. This could be a troublesome situation for those who haven’t yet applied for it and may need to rush at the eleventh hour. Few are also worried for its susceptibility of the data theft as sometimes has happened with Social Security Number in the USA. The coming time only is going to prove as to how effective the Aadhaar Card implementation is going to be. We as a citizen of this country can hope for the best to happen with this implementation.

Vikas Agarwal
the authorVikas Agarwal
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