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Getting Your Product Social Media [Real time Data Statistics By Coupon Machine]

So you’ve got your brand new website for your product, have a ton of inventory, your phone is always in your hand in case someone wants to place an order… but no one is visiting your site, no one is buying, and no one is calling. What gives? Why aren’t you making any sales? Part of the problem is that you aren’t advertising at all. One of the easiest ways to advertise is to harness the incredible power of social media, and the internet as a whole. There are obvious routes to take, filled with tried and tested strategies, but by embracing other ideas, you can reach a whole other audience.

The first thing you can do is obvious; advertise your product on websites that are in the same industry as your product. This will ensure that people in that industry see your product. However, this doesn’t allow you to interact with the customers, answer any questions, or do anything besides tell them you exist. What you need to do is harness real time web traffic statistics. However, there is nothing wrong with getting your product listed on eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba. Amazon sells over 115 million products every month, so says Coupon Machine, a company that has created it’s own real time mobile traffic data analysis, allowing you to see where the internet is going. And you can write your own product descriptions and sell the product with your own words.

The other, and arguably more effective method, is to use the power of social media networks to really take your brand to the next level. The big 2 networks that you should look at establishing a remarkable presence on are Facebook and twitter. Facebook is your catch-all social network. You can build a page and use it as a way to advertise. Post updates, interact with fans, and market your product. This is likely the first place you will want to start building your brand, as it has 1.7 billion users, and most of it’s traffic comes from their mobile site – over 55% according to Coupon Machine, to be more specific.

Twitter is the next place you should look at. With over 400,000 users, it is second only to Facebook. Advertising is a little more streamlined here – you can simply market your product and answers questions that customers may have. You could even set up a hashtag for your product, making it even easier to find out who is talking about you.

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