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11 Things a Bride-To-Be Goes Through When the Wedding is Just around the Corner!


No words can define the feeling of marrying ‘The One’ and spending the rest of your life with your lover. This feeling beats everything but it is never a smooth ride to the ‘Big Day’. In fact, a bride-to-be goes through a roller coaster of emotions.  Here are some things you would experience when your wedding is right around the corner.

It is hard to believe you are getting married

You are the center of attention and everyone wants to ensure that you are feeling great from within. However, you will never know how you feel until you wake up on the D-Day!

Your mind is constantly engaged in preparations

There are endless tasks to finish and a huge checklist to tick off. You are physically at work but your mind is running about checking off items from the to-do list.

You just want to stop and breathe

Even if you are not managing everything, there is too much pressure on you and there are times when you only want to be yourself, put your feet up and breathe.

 You look forward to bridal shopping

The most fun aspect of a wedding is the pure joy of shopping. Every time you shop, it feels special. Your wedding shopping is different from the usual shopping sprees you have enjoyed in the past. This is also when a savings plan will help you own all the items on your wish list.

‘I’ changes to ‘We’

You now understand that your life no longer revolves only around you. An equal partnership begins and you are ready for it.

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You suddenly realize how much you will miss your home

A few days before the wedding, you go through the emotional turmoil where everything in the house reminds you of the fact that you will no longer be living here.

You understand that there are important decisions to make

 During this time, you understand that you have to stop thinking about which movie to watch and which restaurant to go to. Rather, you have important decisions to make like choosing the best savings plan for your future.

You do things for love that you would never do otherwise

This is true in every sense. You will notice you are doing things for your partner, which you would never think of doing otherwise.

You always feel pressurized

 You are always on the edge with a number of things to be done. You burst at the tiniest of inconvenience and are constantly making decisions.

 You realize you have a friend for life

 Words fall short to explain the feeling you have when you look at your partner. You realize that you have a soul mate for life.

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 The best feeling is being a bride

 No matter how things happen and how they go, you are going to be the happiest on your D-day. You will be taking the most important step of your life with your special person and nothing beats this feeling.

Enjoy every moment of your wedding because there is no going back from here!

Vikas Agarwal
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