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Documents A Two Wheeler Rider Must Carry When Riding

Driving conditions have become worse on the roads in India with increasing traffic that moves at the speed of a snail. In those annoying situations, two-wheeler seems the best buddy. This vehicle is much easier to park and effectively deal with traffic as it takes lesser space. If you are driving a two-wheeler, wearing a helmet is mandatory to protect your head and face from accidental damage. Besides a helmet, there are certain documents that a person must keep along with him while driving on the road in India.

Documents Mandatory For Driving A Two-Wheeler

As per the Indian law, it is compulsory to have the following documents while riding a bike or other two wheeler. The fines for not carrying the official documents have been increased from September 1, 2019. Driving a vehicle without a driving license can cost you a penalty of Rs. 5,000. So, keep the following documents along with you.

  • Registration Certificate or RC

This certificate allows the vehicle to drive legally. RC is a proof that is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to show that your vehicle has been registered with the Indian government. Its validity period is 15 years. You can get it renewed for 5 years. RC is just like a smart card and contains details about vehicle type, registration date and number, color, model number, engine number, fuel type, chassis number, seating capacity, and manufacturing date.

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  • Insurance Policy

Third-party liability insurance is compulsory in India before driving a two-wheeler on the road. Motor Vehicle’s Act passed in 1988 has made it necessary to have an insurance policy. It helps a person in getting sound financial support in case of unprecedented incidents. So, let your two wheeler insurance renewed after the expiration.

  • PUC (Pollution Under-Control) Certificate or Emission Certificate

The government of India has set certain limits for the emission produced by a vehicle. PUC or emission certificate is proof that emissions released by your vehicle are within the limits set by the government authorities and does not cause pollution.  To get this certificate, you have to carry out emission testing by motor repair centers.

  • Driving License or DL

This official document is issued by the Regional Transport Office/Authority (RTO/RTA) to permit a license holder to use several categories of a bike. Alongside two wheeler insurance, Motor Vehicle’s Act has made it mandatory to carry valid driving license while driving any two-wheeler on any public road.

  • Fitness Certificate or Necessary Permits

If you are using your vehicle for the sole purpose of transportation, then you need to carry the fitness certificate of your vehicle. This official document certifies that your car or a bike is well fit to be driven on the highways or other public roads.

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Ready to start off your two-wheeler and go on a ride? Wait a minute! Follow all standard safety rules and protocols such as wear a helmet, check the oil level, headlights, brakes, and other parts. Make sure you carry all essential bike documents along with you to drive legally.

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