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4 Ways To Reduce Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

Don’t we all put in our years of hard money and efforts in achieving our lifelong dream? Well then, such is the case while purchasing two-wheeler vehicle. With so much money already out of our pockets, we at least expect two-wheeler insurance to cover for the rest of our expenses. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to select the right type of policy where two-wheeler insurance premiums are at an affordable rate. If not, then go through these 5 ways in order to reduce the existing rate of your two wheeler insurance premiums:

Ways to reduce the premium of two-wheeler insurance:

Make comparisons with several policies

How do we crack the best investment deal? This is simply by making a comparison between multiple options of two-wheeler insurance policies from different insurance companies. The best way of doing so is by comparing numerous policy options online. A two wheeler insurance premium calculator allows the benefits of comparison of premiums, features, and so forth. However, see to it that the policy which offers the lowest premium with the higher protection and coverage becomes your go-to.

Opt for a long term policy

Another way of avoiding higher payment of premiums is by opting for a policy which offers a long tenure. Typically, long term two wheeler insurance policies offer a tenure which might be for a period of 5 years to the maximum. A longer tenure allows the customer to save up on the cost of their premium. The premium stays locked in for a longer duration of time if you select a policy with a longer duration.

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Utilize the available add-ons

When you opt for two-wheeler insurance policies, you are allowed with numerous options of add-on or riders, at the same time. These add-ons are provided to you by the insurance companies to enhance the performance of your policy. Therefore, make sure that you choose these riders smartly and utilize it only when required. The available options for add-ons are a personal accidental cover, road assistance cover, and cash allowances. Do not go overboard with the selection of add-ons.

Avoid making small claims

In order to take advantage of No Claim Bonuses (NBC), don’t make claims for a longer period of time. When you don’t make claims, the insurance companies make provision of NCBs for free. Besides, if you make claims for petty reasons like dents or scratches on your vehicle, then you are surely not provided with an NCB benefit.

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Now that you are well-versed with these ways to tone down the premium rates, what are you waiting for? However, see to it that you invest in only that two wheeler insurance which provides not only for the replacement of your bike but also for the expenses of hospitalization. Besides, there are also other ways like not choosing comprehensive coverage and opting for accessory insurance which helps to save money.

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