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Are you a person who while considers mutual funds as one of the best investment options but can’t decide which fund to select? Also, with so many players in the market, it is natural to get confused about which mutual fund option works best for you? To ease the problem, one of the most trusted investment and trading institution, ICICIdirect, a one stop investment supermart offerings investment opportunities in equity, derivatives, mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds, non-convertible debentures, currency, ETFs, etc. has come up with an innovative mutual fund investment solution known as One Click.

One Click Investment enables investors like me to select from the baskets of best rated mutual funds schemes in a single click. The mutual fund recommendations of the One Click Investment basket is analysed extensively both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Key features of One Click Investment


  1. Basket of Research backed MF schemes
  2. Customised basket level goal mapping
  3. Regular update on progress under mutual fund portfolio
  4. Mutual fund transaction fees not imposed on investments made through One Click
  5. Customised Notification on change of recommendation from Buy to Sell.
  6. Carefully crafted from 100% equity to 100% debt baskets

Benefits of investing through One Click Investment


  1. The investor gets detailed option to invest ‘One Time’ (a Lump Sum amount at a time) or ‘Monthly’ (Systematic Investment Plan) in any scheduled basket of mutual funds.
  2. The investor can envision the “Future Value” of his/her investment made in absolute terms along with a perfectly designed Chart, in case the investor selects the monthly mode (SIP).
  3. The investor has a facility of “One Click Portfolio” tab under Mutual Fund Portfolio, wherein the investor can track performance.

The investor receives customised communications on email on change of recommendation from Buy to Sell.

One Click offers six significant investment baskets which are tailor made to specific investor needs:

  • Maximiser is a diversified portfolio offering perfect solution to those seeking a long term grown within the period of 5 to 10-year time period

 Builder portfolio leans more towards equity, without compromising on the cushion of debt, making it an ideal blend for investors seeking the upside of equity investments with relatively lower volatility in returns

 The Stable portfolio has higher allocation towards Debt schemes and very limited investments in equity makes it an ideal choice for investors looking for FD plus returns

  • 50-Fifty stands as a perfect blend of growth and stability by investing 50 per cent each in Equity and Debt, it is a good fit for investors seeking growth potential of equity without giving up on stability of debt
  • The Secure portfolio invests in quality corporate bonds and short term debt instruments thereby making earnings more visible and assured, making it ideal for those who prefer to invest without having to worry about stability in returns.
  • Under Tax Saving portfolio, the investment is made in Mutual fund schemes which are eligible for deduction under 80C of the Income Tax act. This type of Mutual fund scheme is also popularly known as ELSS (Equity-Linked Saving Scheme).

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This way the investors do not need to worry about mutual fund scheme collection, changing the existing non-performing schemes and reinvesting in the ones that are performing at par. In today’s time when a lot of youngsters are earning and are aware of the importance of investments for their future, options like One Click Investment are extremely beneficial as not everyone is accomplished with knowledge of market and investments. Investors need a well-researched establishment backing them up with their quality reports towards the mutual fund advice and evidences of track performance and One Click Investment does it right for you.

Please note that Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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