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Technology has spread its wing into every last thread of society and triggered an intense turmoil in the manner we live nowadays, function and entertain ourselves. Thanks to the internet, the rate of change has only amplified at a very fast rate in last few years.

And when internet can bring out money in your bank accounts by making it a means of working; it is a wonder of internet then. Because the internet is not just about the Facebook posts, Reddit discussion forums and hashtags on social media there is always more to it. Every person who would have thought of earning more money by a part-time job or a freelancing work and adding more cash flow into their bank account is always a nice idea.

But not everybody has an ample amount of time out of their lifestyle that they can afford to do some part time jobs or freelancing, they do not need to worry. In fact they should be focusing on various options available where they spend most of their time at i.e. internet. Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle and as per the surveys conducted, an average person spends 2.5 hours every day online. If each one of us can turn this 2.5 hours into making money, just imagine nobody would be able to call themselves as slave to just one employment.

Today in this article, I would like to draw your attention towards some of the simplest ideas that could work for you when it comes to generating money for you online. Here you go:

  1. Affiliate marketing: If you have built a platform where you have followers vouching on your views; you can earn money by promoting products, services and even companies. When you post affiliate offers on your page be it a website or a Facebook page and your followers reach on to avail those products and services advertised on your page; the affiliate marketer pays some share of their earning with you. This way you keep on making money as fast as the follower make a purchase of the affiliated products/services etc.
  2. Gigs on Fiverr: Fiverr can be called as the biggest marketplace for people making money by delivering small services (these are called gigs). The website Fiverr endorses members’ talent in numerous categories and links them to people eyeing to pay for those skills. For instance, if you’re an expert in digital photo editing, you could find freelance assignments that compensate you quite heavily. The default value on Fiverr is set to $5 (that’s why named Fiverr), but you can contribute some additional services to gigs for earning more money. Initially it may not seem to be a very feasible sort of idea for you but eventually once you get a hang of creating excellent gigs, you can earn pretty handsome money from the website. The key is to create a structure of work network which lessens the time used up on each of the gigs you do.
  3. Create an Engaging Blog: If you have a flair for writing and are passionate about it, try creating your own blog website by selecting any topic that you are interested in. If at the initial stage you do not want to spend much money, you can start writing on Google’s BlogSpot as well. By seeing the reaction of your readers, you can then further decide on whether to go for creating you’re your domain or not. It could also be a way to make money while you’re sleeping…don’t laugh, I’m serious!

You can put Google Ads on your website, you can run affiliate marketing for different products/services/companies. Crafting popular niche sites can grab visitors looking for specialized information, and adding Google AdSense advertising links can be a great way to monetize the site.

  1. Online surveys: Do you enjoy taking surveys? Some companies will pay people to take on surveys so that they can collect cherished customer and user statistics. You might have heard from many of your friends to keep your mouth shut OR who’s asking for your opinion kind of statement BUT dude, someone out there is ready to pay you huge amount of money for sharing your views and thoughts about them. You can go for checking on to websites like Toluna, and CashbackResearch.com that bid cash for your opinions.
  2. Upload YouTube Videos and Get Paid for Ad Views: This is the Vlogging thing!!….you might have heard this phrase sometimes in your social media life. This is blogging with your thoughts by the means of videos or uploading your videos directly to YouTube. Even you can check out our YouTube page here.  If the content published by you is liked by the audiences, your video can even go viral and make you earn lots and lots of money with every click on the video. You just have to keep in mind the interest of your viewers, as their likes and dislikes are going to define your video’s fortune. Go Vlogging!
  3. Become an Online tutor: Are you good at any subject matter and want to extend your subject knowledge to someone in need, but you do not find time to do personal tutoring by visiting their home or calling them your home. Sometimes it also happens that you may need to extend your service to someone sitting at a far distance from you, but your subject expertise is what they are looking for. You need to hit the nail on time by making your presence available online to be accessible and approached by everybody who needs your expertise.
  4. Become an Amazon Associate: By associating with this program one can earn money by including affiliate links to different products that are being offered by Amazon. Let me tell you how does this work, you need to integrate the associate URL on to your website or any social media page and when any visitor of your page clicks on to that link and makes a genuine purchase of a product on Amazon following that link only. You earn commission this way as according to the Amazon conveyed commission for that particular product range. Sometimes you can even earn up to 10% of the purchase made by a click on your website.
  5. Sell Customized T-shirts Online: T-shirts are a trendy item in the Internet marketplace nowadays. They do not always need to be of any big brand or any custom-brand or anything like that as per the preference provided by people these days. All you need to cater to is provide them an ecommerce platform that gives them the freedom to choose from lot many ideas and option to create their own customized T-Shirt. After they place the order on your platform, you can impress them with your final creation and trust me they become loyal & referring customers to you for life.
  6. Buy Domain Names for Resale: You can maximize your profit by booking on to some valuable domains that you might run your brain to find out. You could buy some domain names and when someone bids for it for their use in future, you could sell them at a higher price by making them bid for it. The only trick that it involves is that: you have to think of some names that someone could think of buying and buy it before anyone else buys it and it becomes demanding.

A domain name can be made up of anything ranging from a product, art, music, and literature. Here we suggest some good places to start with:

  • Geographical Areas
  • Business Labels
  • Names that are Widely held Now
  • General Names

Think about things like apple.com or carpenter.com. The more and more general you would go, the better off your website name will be. Study has presented that Google adores general names, it’s very obvious that a company selling apple may, for example, want the apple.com domain name. If suppose, you in turn own that name; you can fix the bidding price for it and can sell for the price you want and make money.

  1. Review websites & apps for cash: There are so many websites out there existing on the internet and every other website wants to stay functioning smoothly and be user friendly. To check out on to the user friendliness factor, website owners usually go for their website-testing to have thoughts of people about their websites in terms of its user friendliness. There are so may websites where you can get registered to and get these testing- work, few are listed here:
  • User Testing
  • StartUpLift
  • TestingTime
  • Userfeel
  • UserZoom

You can search about it, and I’m sure you’ll get many websites asking you to get registered with them and they’ll keep supplying you such work related to websites and application testing.

So, here we have come up with 10 ideas that can become pretty good sources for you to make money online. All we need to have is a firm determination of not beating behind the bush and stay upfront in terms of our tasks decided for some particular hours. You just need to devote some hours of your free time to turn it into earning time for you. By working on your own, it brings a lot of flexibility in your approach of opting the work for yourself. You can work on projects that interest you the most and open the gates of earning doing your favourite jobs unlike your workplace’s tedious job.

Vikas Agarwal
the authorVikas Agarwal
Vikas Agarwal is an IIT-Varanasi graduate in Chemical Engineering. He is the Founder and CEO of Finaacle.com - an investment advisory website. He is a Business Development Professional but a Value Investor at heart. He writes articles on Finaacle, which focus on simplifying the art of investing and the causes of human misjudgment when it comes to investing. He also shares his experiences as an investor and lessons from some of the greatest investors of all time.


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