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Tools and apps for immigrants in the UK

Immigrating to the UK? These apps and tools make relocation seem easy

The United Kingdom (UK) is among the top immigration destinations in the world. According to a 2017 survey, India accounted for the second-highest number of immigrants to the UK[i]. The high standard of living, great education and job opportunities, and healthcare are big draws for Indians. But settling down abroad is not always easy. Fortunately, there are many tools and apps to help immigrants adjust to their new life. These apps help immigrants learn the local language, find a home, and send money to India with ease.

Language and translation apps

For many immigrants, a new language is the biggest barrier to settling into a new country. If you are not fluent in the local language, you could lose out on jobs, educational opportunities, and more. But no need to worry. Here are some tools to make things easier for you.

Duolingo: This website and mobile app offers 85 different language courses in 24 languages. Duolingo claims that 34 hours of language learning on the app is equal to an entire semester of a university language course. It is a good option if you need help with your English.

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Tarjimly: The name ‘Tarjimly’ literally translates to ‘translate for me’. This translation app comes in handy if you are still learning a new language. It connects users to volunteers from all over the world in real-time. Once connected through the app, the user can send the volunteer a text or a document, or even start a phone or video call.

Property apps

Moving to a new country means you need to find a home. Forget about scouring the classifieds section in newspapers. There are mobile apps to help you find a place to rent or buy in a jiffy. Look for apps that are well-established and have a history of great customer service. Some popular options are Love Your Postcode, Zoopla, and Rightmove UK. Browse, create alerts, check out property photos, and more, all on your mobile phone.

Money transfer apps and tools

Money transfer apps and tools have revolutionised how people transfer money across the world. As a new immigrant, you may want to send money to India from UK without incurring high transfer fees and delays. Here are some tools to help you send money to India with ease.

Online bank transfers: You can use your bank account to remit money to the beneficiary’s bank account in India. If your bank has a branch in India, then the beneficiary could receive the money by the next working day. But if the bank does not have a branch in India, the transfer could take as long as four working days. Another drawback is that you could end up paying high charges for the money transfer and the currency conversion.

Offline tools: Wire transfers can be used to send money to people who do not have a bank account. The transfers are very fast and reach the beneficiary immediately. The downside? The fees are usually on the higher side.

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Online apps and tools: Online money transfer tools score high in terms of speed, convenience, and cost. Nowadays, online apps allow you to remit money in as little as an hour. Some online transfer apps do money transfers for free and have no hidden charges. With a digital service like Axis RemitMoney, you can even schedule a transfer at a  convenient time.

Summing up

Adjusting to a new country is never a cakewalk. But free and affordable mobile apps and online software are here to help make your life easier. Take advantage of these new-age tools and make a successful start in your new country!

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