May’16 Stock portfolio of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

The king of Indian stock market, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala always keeps his money invested in shares and everyone keeps a close eye on what he buys and sells. His current net worth is more than 8200 Crores. You can assume what level of worth he has created solely from share market. He is a long term investor and buys shares of companies which he believes thoroughly.

The current month holding is shown in below table:

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala_Finaacle

Many people blindly copy the portfolio of this great investor which can be very dangerous for you. As you are not aware at what price he bought the share at the same time you will not be aware at what price and time he will sale the shares. Hence, consider this as a reference and use your own analysis before taking any action.

Vikas Agarwal
the authorVikas Agarwal
Vikas Agarwal is an IIT-Varanasi graduate in Chemical Engineering. He is the Founder and CEO of - an investment advisory website. He is a Business Development Professional but a Value Investor at heart. He writes articles on Finaacle, which focus on simplifying the art of investing and the causes of human misjudgment when it comes to investing. He also shares his experiences as an investor and lessons from some of the greatest investors of all time.


  • There is no holding for spice jet, indigo, federal bank?These three were in public media till last month. Did he sell it or you missed it? He does investing from couple of accounts.. Did you consider all of them?

    • Hi Puneet, Thanks for your comment. i believe he still holds those companies but i am not sure about indigo.

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