Stock Selling Strategies

Stock selling is one of the most important decisions that an investor has to take and since you cannot sell the stock whenever you want as it won’t help you grab the returns you are expecting, it is better to follow a few proven strategies that are not just helpful but quite result oriented as well. Take a look at some of such expert stock selling strategies that will not just guide you on how to sell stocks but would also help you in understanding the entire process and how to make maximum out of it.

  • Fixed target

We all invest with certain goals and targets in mind and for a simple investor the basic thumb rule that you should follow when you have to sell stocks in the share market is to sell that as and when it reaches the target you have already set. This would help you earn the returns you were expecting and thus you would be able to sell the stock with ease. A lot of investors here make the mistake of waiting for the stocks to rise above the targets that they have set just to get a better return, but here you should remember that you are taking a risk as well as there are chances that the stocks might start falling and take a long time before rising back.

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Vikas Agarwal
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