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CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield

The insurance schemes are reaching new heights daily. In this regard, banks cumulatively, say Canara, HSBC, and OBS has launched a plan which is equally good not only for the safety but also for the investment purpose.

Introduction to the CHOICE Life Insurance Investshield:
Basically, Investshield is a product launched by Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance ltd to meet the financial needs. The basic thought behind this policy is to serve required people with the combination of investment and safety collectively. It is an online exclusive linked plan to enhance user experience with additional financial pay-outs. This investment cum safety zone is available for all age group people. The product is aimed to help investors in not only wealth integration in multiple funds but also safeguard the interest of the guardians for future with certain tax benefits.



Features of Choice Life Insurance:
There are some features of the new product of the Canara HSBC Oriental bank of commerce Life insurance Investshield policy that the investment seekers can avail:

o The plan facilitates the customisation idea as per individuals need.
o Without allocation charge during the premium payment period, the newly launched product, Investshield, avail the full benefits.
o With the partly safety arrangement, the other part of the policy is to bring in a good money through a sound investment.
o Like other insurance schemes, avail the tax benefit on the amount paid as premium or periodical fee.
o With this newly launched plan, the parents or guardians can secure future of their children by opting for the premium waiver benefit.
o To cope up from the unplanned or sudden financial problems, the policy allows for the liquidity through small or partial withdrawals.
o For retirement age people, the product gives you additional benefits in terms of loyalty addition.
o The product gives you the option to allocate the investment risk of equity from 0% to 100% to meet different individual requirements.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the most unique and secure part of the plan is Safety Switch Option that enables the policy holder to switch funds strategically in a lower risk area. Moreover, with the immediate payments, the introduction of this #InvestShield furnishes premium payment at the time of maturity payment. There are many criteria which make this plan differ from other insurance plans as this the best one combination of the investment as well as the safety. This systematic risk is going serve the appetite of the investors by various means surely. Take this risk-free chance once!

Vikas Agarwal
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