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Dolly Khanna

Dolly Khanna who is a Chennai based homemaker and also an investor of Stock Market. The lady is well known for her Midas touch when it comes to choosing the stocks. Mr. Rajeev Khanna along with his wife Dolly Khanna does investments in the stock market quite aggressively. They have been a great source of inspiration for a lot of investment enthusiasts who are keen on investing in the stock market via equity investments. Since the year 1996, they have been investing in the local equity market intensely and the portfolio is majorly being managed by her husband Mr. Rajeev Khanna alone. Rajiv is believed to possess a propensity for recognizing lesser-known value stocks at the right time to gamble for multi-bagger returns on their investments made.

Rajeev Khanna and his wife Dolly Khanna have made a wealth by primarily betting on small and mid-caps businesses. Their largest bet, according to Bloomberg statistics shared, is chemicals and cement maker Rain Industries Ltd. The stock, which includes about one third of their total investment as per the recorded portfolio on Dec. 12, and has escalated more than six fold this year.

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As in accordance with Dolly Khanna and Rajeev Khanna information and skill are two very crucial and important factor for the stock market investment. As any other great investor, they also suggest that one should have gained maximum knowledge about the company before investing in them. It is suggested that one should never avoid on to the information that is publicly available to read, comprehend and analyze. They believe in gaining knowledge to identify the opportunities, and say that never miss an opportunity that comes across the door for oneself. Every opportunity comes with a cost. One should never miss an opportunity for making the right investment. Time and price lost by not investing in stock never come back.

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