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Vijay Kedia is one the well-known and respected stock market investor. He started his investment journey from Rs. 35,000 only and now his portfolio is around Rs. 500 Cr. He is one of the great examples for small investor like us that how one can reach at greater heights even starting from very lower levels. Vijay Kedia philosophy is keep investing with a smile. He always insists to keep investments simple, therefore he is known as a common man with an uncommon intelligence. He also founded Kedia Securities.

Many traders and small investors blindly follow his stock market strategy and investments. Vijay Kedia always insists on the checking and understanding fundamentals of stock. He holds stock for long term and always believes on the value investing. He always suggests investors to follow below 2 principles in the initial period of investment journey:

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  1. He always insists to never invest with the borrowed money as the investment risk is anyways higher and with borrowed money at 14% interest rate your investment risk would drastically increase. Earning money for retail investor from share market in initial period is very tough as it’s a learning phase for him and small investor makes lot of mistakes at this time.
  2. Next advice he give to small investor is always book profit on regular timer period as its reduces your risk of losing money and you will be motivated by having more money by booking profit. This will also help increasing your portfolio worth as getting lower return in compare to losing own capital is far better.

We should always learn from their investments bets as why he invested in it and what parameters he might considered while buying it. You should never copy the investment bets but you should always learn from their bets.

For learning more about Vijay Kedia’s recent bets, click on the video below:

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