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Secure your Bike’s Life with Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance

Story of Two Wheeler: for some, using a bike is passion and for few it’s an easy way of commuting leaving lesser traffic on the roads. Two wheeler insurance basically talks about to an insurance policy which is being booked to provide protection for any indemnities that may befall on to a bike and/or its riders because of any sudden and unanticipated event similar to any unfortunate accident, robbery or any type of natural disaster.

Two wheeler insurance proves to be cushion in the course of an unfortunate event. People when sometimes drive so fast as if they are running out of time or something, I then literally think #LogicKyaHai behind this rush. But specifically the bike riders have a habit of driving a lost faster than the four wheeler and hence are more prone to accidental events. By law, having two wheeler insurance is mandatory but the coverage and capacity of the insurance is always dependent over the liking of policy holder. When someone rides a bike, they bear the responsibility of themselves, the back seat rider and other people on the road as well. For everybody’s protection, bike insurance is being essential for every bike rider. The bike insurance policy not only covers the financial losses coming out of accidents, in fact they provide a comprehensive coverage arising even via natural or any man-made disaster.

At times an adversity could plunge on the biker, the bike could get wrecked in a flood, it might get stolen or the biker might meet an accident. Whatsoever takes place, one needs to have an insurance to cover the loss in term of cost if anything does occur. Besides, as per the rules it is illegitimate in India to possess and ride a bike without a motorcycle insurance. People usually rely on their luck and do not enthusiastically go for bike insurance, although buying online bike insurance is so easy these days. Nowadays people need to understand that buying an accessory is not that important for a bike, but a 2 wheeler insurance is indeed. Watch a relevant video here:


If you are looking at getting a bike insurance, these two following types of 2 wheeler insurance are there that you could go for:

  • Comprehensive Insurance: This type of two wheeler insurance safeguards your two-wheeler against any sort of destruction caused by riot, fire, robbery, flood and assassination or any kind of natural disaster. In an event of an accident, it provides accidental cover to the bike rider. Along with the accidents caused due to natural disaster, it also covers third party liability i.e. the cost you have estimated to compensate to a third party in the event of accident. For a multifaceted financial security, the comprehensive plan is highly endorsed by the professionals since it involves of both third-party premium and premium caused by oneself.
  • Third Party Insurance: This type of bike insurance plan only provides a coverage for the cost of loss caused to the third party in an event of accident. It does provide any coverage for any loss or destruction affected your own bike. Many a times we underestimate as to what could be the cost of damage caused to others in an accidental event and it occasionally could be a huge amount as well. In such cases, it is advisable to opt for one insurance of this type.

Obviously, it is going to be your own choice while selecting the best policy for you yet the most preferred one is the Comprehensive Policy. Since it provides an insurance coverage from a three-sixty standpoint.

Acquiring the Bike Insurance Online: Bharti AXA has made the buying process of online two wheeler insurance as easy as a pie. It’s a five step process to buy an online bike insurance; which goes as follows:

  1. All you need to do is, choose to renew or buy two wheeler insurance online
  2. Next step is to enter your bike and personal details in the prescribed format
  3. You can select and de-select the features for your insurance policy to get the final premium
  4. Now review all the details filled and proceed for online payment
  5. As the payment is made for your online insurance for bikes, a PDF copy of the insurance policy is received in your mailbox.

We Indians have quite ancient and affectionate connection with two-wheelers. But then again, the statistics recommend that 75% of two wheeler owners do not have or are planning to have a two-wheeler insurance for them! It’s really a clever step to go on with and have an insurance policy for your bike. So never consider it as money lost to vain. It’s an absolute investment since bad luck could come upon anyone, anytime.

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