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Confused Between Comprehensive And Third Party Two-Wheeler Insurance? Read Now & Decide

It is indeed an exciting feeling to purchase a brand new two-wheeler. You would not want the two- wheeler to be harmed in any manner and to reduce this risk it is advisable to buy two-wheeler insurance.

It is mandatory to have a two-wheeler insurance when you purchase the two-wheeler. It will keep you safe and secure from any third-party liabilities and the expenses incurred due to man-made or natural calamities and accidents.

There are two different types of covers offered on the two-wheeler insurance. One is a comprehensive policy and the other is a third-party policy. A two wheeler insurance third party is mandatory by law.

Comprehensive cover

Before you decide about the insurance cover for the two-wheeler, you need to understand what it provides for. A comprehensive cover will include the cover for third-party property or individual and personal accident cover. It has a slightly higher premium.

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides a cover for fire, theft, vandalism, natural calamities and damage caused to the vehicle due to floodwater or damage to the glass.

Third-party cover

A third-party cover is a mandatory requirement in the country. It has a lower premium and includes the damage to a third-party individual or a property vehicle. It will cover for the injury or death to the third party and any accidental third-party property damage to the insured vehicle.

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Which one is ideal for you? 

Do not make a decision only considering the cost of the insurance cover. It is advisable to compare two wheeler insurance options and then take a call. Third-party insurance might be cheaper but it does not provide a cover as comprehensive as the one provided in a comprehensive cover.

Most of us tend to be highly attached to the two-wheeler and even a small scratch can bring us worries.

If you end up in an accident and lead to damage to other property, vehicles or people, a third party cover will provide for you required support.

A third-party insurance cover will only provide for the damage caused to the third party and will not provide for the damages to your two-wheeler. You will need to incur the cost of repairs by yourself.

A third-party insurance is mandatory by law but a comprehensive cover is ideal for you. It offers a vehicle cover and a third-party cover, which means any financial expenses you incur will be provided for.

Due to the increase in the number of road mishaps in the country, it is advisable to invest in a comprehensive insurance cover to ensure that you and your vehicle are secure. It will provide an overall protection to the two-wheeler. 

Calculate the premium 

Before you buy a two-wheeler insurance, you need to use the online two wheeler insurance calculator and compare the features and cost of both the types of insurance. Once you decide on the type of insurance you want to buy, you can use the calculator to estimate the amount of premium you will be liable to pay for the same.

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You only need to provide basic details about the two-wheeler and it will estimate the cost of premium for you. Make a well-informed decision when it comes to buying an insurance cover for your new two -wheeler.

Ensure that you are secure and well protected at all times with a comprehensive insurance cover. Consider your requirements and choose the cover after comparing different insurance providers.

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