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How to manage your Car Loan?

Cars have become a basic need of today’s life, which is one of the main reasons for boom in the car loan industry. However, in fulfilling our dream of having a perfect car, we usually don’t plan enough before opting for a particular car loan. We will discuss how one can manage car loan:

Down Payment of loan:

This is first basic step where most of the car buyers make mistake. Most of the people think they can make small down payment and can buy higher priced car which was usually out of their budget. Even few people think by making small down payment they will be able to save money but a small down payment can cause various adverse effects such increase in the interest rate, loan tenure and payable EMIs. It is sensible while taking a car loan you should try to make a larger down payment so you can reduce the EMI amount and the tenure. On first sight, higher down payment might look like a big expense but it will help you save your hard-earned money and make the loan repayment process easy on your pocket.

out getting into any financial problems at a later date. You can even negotiate with the bank for the better loan terms if you have done your research. It always helps you in making your mind with the reality.

Even you should take car insurance as it will save you at least some money when you met with some mishappening with your car. Surely you would need to make the EMI payment but you can save on the car mishappening expense.

Car Loan Transfer:

If you are not happy with your existing car loan due to any reason then you have the option to transfer your existing car loan to any other bank. You can select other bank which is offering you better terms than your previous one. It will help you by changing your EMIs, interest rates and tenure according to your repayment capacity. This might help you in generating significant savings in terms of your car loan interest payouts over the remaining loan tenure.


It is important that before taking a loan you should plan your budget and loan repayment. It is advisable that you do your research about the key terms and conditions of the car loan such as pre-payment charges, processing fees, tenure, etc. before you finalize the option that suits your car loan requirement.

Vikas Agarwal
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